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The Rise of Rye and wait for it… North American Single Malt!

While bourbon began enjoying a resurgence as early as the teens, Rye continued to languish far behind as the forgotten and unwanted American whiskey. Outside of a couple distilleries (Stranahan’s & Westland) American single malt fared even worse in failing to interest the mainstream.

But times have changed for both!!

With Rye, legendary distiller Dave Pickerell’s involvement in a new distillery in Vermont with an unusual name (WhistlePig) drew vast interest to this forgotten grain and almost singlehandedly created a new buzz for this spiciest of brown spirits.

It’s interesting to note that as WhistlePig enjoyed almost instant success and gained popularity, they still were sourcing all their grain and whiskey from their neighbors to the North in Alberta Canada! The juice was then transported to the WhistlePig farm where it was aged in the local Vermont oak. Regardless, Dave and the folks at this new operation with the funny name were definitely on to something. They’ve not looked back since.

(Note: Dave passed away just a few short years ago but was able to enjoy and witness his new project’s tremendous success. RIP, Mr. Pickerell. A true legend in the brown spirit world).

In fact, one of WhistlePig’s most limited and exciting releases this last year was not even a rye! You guessed it! WhistlePig 21 year North American Single Malt: The Beholden! A North American Single Malt (aged in WP’s old rye barrels!) combining the two sleeper spirits of the whiskey world!

Other distilleries are getting in on the malt game with Jack Daniel’s most recently unveiling their “Triple Mash.” (A blend of the Old No.7, the rye and a malt!) Amazing, no one even knew JD was making malt. It was kept under wraps until the release of Triple Mash. Word has it that Jack is now getting ready to unveil a 100% malt whiskey! They’ll now be the second Brown-Forman owned distillery to do so after Woodford!

Times are changing. For the better!

Stop by Warren soon and we’ll be happy to tell you more about them!



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