Welcome to September at Warren! It's Bourbon Heritage Month! - Warren Delray

Welcome to September at Warren! It’s Bourbon Heritage Month!

Each September we celebrate America’s native spirit at Warren American Whiskey Kitchen with special tributes to the distilleries, distillers, blenders and all the people who bring bourbon to a thirsty, waiting world! Brown spirits are at an all-time peak in popularity and bourbon reigns supreme!

This year we’ve assembled a very special flight featuring outstanding offerings from our friends at Brown-Forman and Old Forester.

The 4 featured whiskies comprise what was supposed to be a “one-off” special release commemorating important dates in whiskey history but also one of my favorite bourbons: Old Forester. It is named the “Whiskey Row Series” in an homage to where it all began over 150 years ago!

What happened next was a bit of a surprise to almost everybody. The four distinct bottles bearing important dates in spirit history quickly became some of the most loved and best-selling whiskies in Brown-Forman history. Suffice to say, the people at Brown-Forman soon recognized this and now the “Whiskey Row” bottles have become part of the core of what they do!

The “1870” (celebrating the first glass bottling of their original bourbon recipe), the 1897″ (an ode to the historic Bottled-In-Bond Act), the “1910” (which is the date of the famous fire and their accidental discovery of the wonders of double oaked whiskies), and finally the “1920” (a sad day in history as Federal Prohibition of alcohol began.) Want to know more about these most intriguing and delicious spirits? Come to the Warren Bar and taste this new four pour flight for yourself and we’ll tell you all about them.

In addition, our friends from Brown-Forman will be at Warren offering a taste and discussion on Woodford, Old Forester, Jack Daniels and the Glendronach, some of their iconic brands! The event takes place tomorrow, September 7 at 5pm. Tickets are just $39 on EventBrite.

Finally, our Warren Spirit Consigliere, Mr. Brian Freed and I have been deviously working on some special in-house blends that we think you’ll want to try. We’ve done a blend of the Old Forester 1910 & 1920 (named of course, you guessed it: 1915!) as well as a proprietary blend created to appease wheated bourbon lovers everywhere that we’ve dubiously named “Poorer Man’s Pappy! We think you’re going to love it! We do. Available only at Warren!

We hope you take time out this month to come join us or at least get a chance to raise a toast to America and one of it’s most prized gifts to the world: Bourbon!!

Happy Bourbon Heritage Month, Warren friends and family!



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