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Yes, I’m Still Obsessed With Scotland!

The debate continues on whether there are actually 5 or 6 definitive Scotch producing regions in Scotland. The SWA, the Scottish Whiskey Association, says 5. (claiming the Islands to be an extension of the Highlands). Most Scotts (and your Warren Spiritual Advisor) claim 6. That vast amount of tiny islands (mostly uninhabited) simply has to count as the 6th. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! For the sake of our Scotch 101 class on 10/7 at 3pm sharp, we’re going with the latter as that means one extra pour for our esteemed students and guests! Winning!

Our premium line-up for the class? For mighty, iconic Speyside: The Glenfiddich 12. (Some call it the “gateway drug” into Scotch and single malts.) For the Highlands: The Dalmore 15. Perhaps the best value in all of single malts. The Lowlands? Have to go with the Auchentoshen 12. Islay? Not you’re usual Laphroig or Ardbeg. We’re going with my personal favorite: The Bruichladdich Port Charlotte. Campbeltown is making a comeback and we’ll be featuring the Glen Scotia 10. And for the infamous “Islands?” One of the most mysterious and unique of all: The Jura 10!

Tickets are just $39 and available on EventBrite for what might be my favorite class to teach and talk about! Hope to see you there.

But first things first! Tomorrow at 5pm, Friday the 22nd, we will have Christian and our great partners from Woodford distillery discussing their amazing products and doing a tasting reflecting their famous flavor wheel! As you probably know, I am one of the biggest Woodford fans and greatly look forward to the unique and useful way these devoted brown spirit experts dissect the flavors of bourbon. Tickets for this one are available on Eventbrite as well for just $39 as well.

There is always something happening at Warren. Text me your email address, mention the blog, and I will add you to the event list!


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