And even more Damn Good Honey Barrels!?! Wait, what’s a “honey” barrel?

Someone asked me recently what a honey barrel was. And continued that if the barrel had “honey” in it then wouldn’t that disqualify it as a true bourbon?

To set the record straight: it’s true, bourbon cannot have honey in it! Nothing but water, the grain and yeast. But that’s not what we’re talking about when we use the term “honey” when describing a barrel pick! Lol.

A honey pick is a barrel of whiskey that exudes such exceptional character, depth and richness that it dwarfs the profile of neighboring, peer barrels. Something about its location in the rickhouse, the wood itself or any number of external factors has somehow caused an individual barrel to take on deeper flavor and develop characteristics far beyond most others.

But that’s the beauty of a “barrel pick” and not allowing that most exceptional of barrels to get blended in with the rest and grabbing it for our own selfish, thirsty and bourbon loving desire!

In the last 9 months our company has uncovered and purchased at least four (arguably more!) honey barrels! Our 1792 Barton Bottled-In-Bond, the Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel, the Four Roses OESV and now most recently; the John J. Bowman Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon from Virginia! (Picked by our talented AGM Wayne, Brian, Jeff and our Bourbon Savvy Bev Director JP!) The latter we hope to have in the house by August!) The other three are being hyper ingested at quaff rate!!

This week our team is heading back to Kentucky to select a barrel with none other than world famous Master Distiller Eddie Russell himself at the Wild Turkey Distillery!!

We’re confident that our superstar bartender and manager, Anne, Jeff, Brian and the team will be like busy bees (see what I did there?!) and keep us on this super sweet, honey barrel roll!!

Greed is good! Go get it!!!




Grab your seat at the Warren Tasting Bar!

A display of over $1 million in spirits at Warren American Whisky Kitchen. Warren boasts a spirit list of about 1,000 bottles.

I’m using this week’s blog to invite all friends of Warren to join me at the Library VIP tasting bar! There’s no fee, you can order what you like (Full food and drink menu is available!) and best of all; you can try any one of our over 1000 whiskies! Let me help introduce you to your next, new favorites!!

This week:

Tonight: 4 seats available at 6pm
Thursday: All seats at both 6 & 8:15pm are available.
Friday: 4 seats are available at 8:15pm. (Weekend prime time!)
Saturday: 2 seats available at 6pm. (With Jason Fisher)
Sunday: All seats are available. (With Jason Fisher)

If you’ve never sat at the VIP bar get ready for a fun and informative exeriece!
We do two seatings every night at 6 & 8:15pm. There is no minimum and there are no rules either!! Lol.

Feel free to text me direct to lock up your seats: Fitz @ 561-777-4848.



Back from Kentucky and now on to Virginia!

Brian, Jeff and I along with two of our esteemed WCC members (Wendi and Tom!) recently returned to Kentucky where we were able to secure yet another beautiful barrel of bourbon for our Warren faithful at Limestone Branch Distillery, makers of Yellowstone! What a unique, beautiful and intimate facility! (Their tour guide, Steve Fontaye, is hysterical, knowledgeable and worth the price of admission all by himself! Lol).

While we were in Kentucky we were also fortunate enough to sit with Corky Taylor, CEO and founder of Peerless Distillery! It turns out Corky has South Florida roots and lives part of the year near Naples, home of our next restaurant! Looks like we’ll be seeing this most gracious and talented new friend often at our new place!

Corky was kind enough to share some of his special Kentucky only 6 year straight rye! Wow. Some of the best we’ve ever tasted!

Before we left we were fortunate enough to be invited to lunch by none other than Drew Kulsveen, Master Distiller at Willet! After an amazing meal Drew took us around the distillery to show us some of the latest upgrades and improvements at the site! Looks like Willet is building and investing in a bold and very bright future!

Next up? Wayne, JP, Brian and Jeff are off to Virginia to taste and select a barrel from John J. Bowman! If you’ve never tried any of the Bowmans, you need to find some quick! We all agree they are some of the absolute best whiskies being made outside of Kentucky. Or anywhere!!

The Bowman barrel will be the only private barrel pick in the entire of state of Florida! Can’t wait to get a hold of that special juice! Pick well, boys!

I’m headed off to Atlanta to DJ my niece’s wedding but I’ll be back next week to host you at the Warren Bar and update everyone on the latest happenings including our 1 Year Anniversary celebration plans!

Yes, June 4 marks one year since we opened! What a wild, awesome, incredible and fun ride these past twelve months have been. Thank you to all our WCC members and loyal guests for making Warren the best damn restaurant in Delray!!




Fantastic Finishes!

It could be a cognac cask, sherry butt, an old wine barrel, a rum cask or even an old stout barrel! But the hot trend today is definitely “resting” a “finished” spirit in secondary wood to round it out, deepen the flavors and create something exceptional!

Angel’s Envy was on the front end of this trend when they came out of the gate in 2007 with their first releases of bourbon and rye! Port barrels and Caribbean Rum casks were used respectively and caused a bit of a stir initially.

Bourbon purists, citing the Bourbon Act passed by the United States Congress in 1964, seemed to mandate that only new, flame charred American Oak could be used and nothing else! By then placing it afterwards in a second port barrel, they argued, the Angel’s Envy was then disqualified as a true bourbon!

Well cooler heads prevailed and a compromise was reached! The agreement? As long as the secondary barrel (or finishing wood) was clearly stated on the front of the bottle then it would be accepted!

And now? All the cool kids are doing it!!

Look at just about every distillery and they will offer a whiskey with a secondary finish. Some notables? Bardstown Bourbon in Ferrand Cognac casks, Lagavulin Islay Scotch rested in old Guiness barrels or simply a Woodford Double Oaked where the original Woodford Reserve is rested in a second, radiant heated or toasted oak barrel.

The results have been largely amazing and created a whole new line of exceptional spirits for whiskey lovers to enjoy. At Warren, you will literally find dozens and dozens of great secondary finished whiskies.

Book at seat at the Warren Tasting Bar anytime and I’ll tell you (and taste you) all about them!




Grabbing a seat at the Warren Bar may be easier than you think!

Next month we celebrate our 1 year anniversary (Can you believe it!??) and it’s been a wild, awesome and fun ride so far for sure!

But after nearly twelve months I still talk to friends and guests that think sitting at the Warren Bar is limited to club members, Warren VIPs or that it’s whiskey only or that there is a huge minimum to enjoy the special treatment and experience!

Actually, our Warren tasting bar was created to help me (and Jason Fisher, our awesome assistant spiritual advisor) introduce as many people to our amazing collection of brown spirits and help as many people navigate the myriad of selections as we can! It was specifically designed for a heightened brown spirit experience for all of our whiskey loving friends!

There is no minimum and all you need to do is simply call the front desk and request one of the two seatings nightly! We do a whiskey experience 7 days a week at 6 & 8:15pm!!

Best news yet?!! Everything you can order at a table (full menu, cocktails, wine, etc) is available and encouraged when you sit with me at the WB!! We just have more fun than the tables!! Lol.

Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions about the experience or if you would like to book your seats!

John Fitz @ 561-777-4848

Bourbon Centric News

Preaching The Whiskey Gospel!

Our Spiritual Advisor,” John “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick, recently collaborated with Mashed.com to help them choose the 10 best bourbons for your Derby Day Mint Julep.

a mint julep sitting on a table

10 Tasty Bourbons For Mixing Mint Juleps Ranked

Barrel Picks Bourbon Centric Staff Highlights

The Warren Team Custom Crafting Our Next Barrel Pick!

Iggy meticulously proofing down our soon to be selection! It’s what he does!!

We will be making the trek back to Kentucky next month to visit the distillers at Yellowstone and Willet, however, in the meantime our team just took part in a new program from Angel’s Envy that allows us to create our very own custom proofed barrel pick!


Reserving A Spot at the Warren Bar is Free and Easy!

I’m still frequently asked if you need reservations for the Warren Bar or people have the perception that there is some sort of crazy minimum spend for the experience. The answer is NO and NO! Lol.

Seminar for Bourbon & Bacon Fest VIPs at the Warren Bar!

The Warren Tasting Bar in the whiskey library is designed for people who would love to enjoy shareable plates, have dinner and/or experience and try some of the over 1000 whiskies we have collected.

Barrel Picks Bourbon Centric News

Our new Four Roses Barrel Pick is Here!!

It’s been a busy week with new arrivals almost daily but the big news is the Four Roses OESV Damn Good Barrel Pick is in the house!

If you’ve had our original pick, the OBSF, you will find this one considerably different in style than our first.

American Whiskey Bourbon Centric Irish Whiskey Japanese Whisky News Scotch Whisky Special Events

International Whiskey Day is Sunday, 3/27!!!

Note the spelling error on the top line! Yes, I see it! Lol. But it’s a great pic of MJ!

I’m often asked what is my “favorite” whiskey.

Let’s just say I have a lot of “favorites.” Lol.

When speaking to staff and guests about the many whiskies I love I’m often reminded that I seem to say that about almost every whiskey I present!

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