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International Whiskey Day is Sunday, 3/27!!!

Note the spelling error on the top line! Yes, I see it! Lol. But it’s a great pic of MJ!

I’m often asked what is my “favorite” whiskey.

Let’s just say I have a lot of “favorites.” Lol.

When speaking to staff and guests about the many whiskies I love I’m often reminded that I seem to say that about almost every whiskey I present!

Lol. It’s true. But it’s also sincere.

In this age of incredible amounts of new and exciting whiskies it truly is nearly impossible to say that there is only one actual favorite. (Ok, William Larue Weller from the BTAC is probably it!)

Every distillery is taking the “what if” approach to blending, mash bills and aging and coming up with some exceptional new spirits that boggle the mind how good they are. (Ok, and there are plenty of underwhelming “experiments” happening too!)

Combine that with the fact that almost every nation on the planet is now producing their own whiskey and you have immeasurable amount of choices if you’re a fan of brown spirits. Israel, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, India, France and some others head the list of least likely hotbeds of our favorite brown libation!

We will be featuring our “World Whiskey” flight this Sunday in honor of IWD and its inspiration: the venerable and adored whiskey expert Michael Jackson. For many years his whiskey guides were THE authority on what’s good and he is fondly remembered and toasted to on this special day.

I’ll be behind the Warren tasting bar for this Sunday’s celebration and I hope you’ll join us and raise a toast to MJ and IWD!



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