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International Whiskey Day is Sunday, 3/27!!!

Note the spelling error on the top line! Yes, I see it! Lol. But it’s a great pic of MJ!

I’m often asked what is my “favorite” whiskey.

Let’s just say I have a lot of “favorites.” Lol.

When speaking to staff and guests about the many whiskies I love I’m often reminded that I seem to say that about almost every whiskey I present!

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Pappy Endings!

The first month at Warren American Whiskey Kitchen has been absolute fire!! Thanks to all of our new regulars and friends for making this first month an absolute killer! We are loving sharing Jen & Luis’ great cuisine with you along with our nearly 1000 bottles of whiskey, the largest restaurant collection in the state of Florida!

Last week I enjoyed putting together a “Buffalo Trace” flight for several guests at the special Warren tasting bar that included Blanton’s, Colonel EH Taylor, Weller Full Proof 114 and of course, last but far from least, Van Winkle 20! That flight truly had a “Pappy” ending!! Lol. Cheers!!

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