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While the rest of the world toils to find those elusive bottles of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon, the boys at Warren went straight to the source, cut to the chase and cut out the middleman! lol

Yes! We were able to purchase an entire new barrel from Buffalo Trace in September and those bottles just arrived at the restaurant this week!

Barrel Picks Bourbon Centric New Bottles News

Our New Baby Has Arrived!

A determined team from Warren traveled to Kentucky this past Fall with the sole purpose of securing some great new barrels from our distiller friends in the Mecca!

I was able to join Brian and Jared as well as two of our esteemed WCC members to the Barton Distillery, makers of 1792, and taste through multiple barrels of their Bottled-in-Bond bourbon.

New Bottles

Better Than Coffee

Hey, some mornings we have to take a break from our whiskey studies, menu plans and bottle procurement for some hands on, spiritual research!

Got a visit today from our dear friend, Gail Conde, who jumped ship from Southern Glazer Distributors two years ago to take a chance and rep a new brand of tequila I’d never heard of: Codigo.

She was packing the recently released Codigo 1530 Extra Anejo! Only 3 of this 150 bottle, small batch release made it to Florida! And we just nabbed one of them! The kicker? This special edition was aged for 12 YEARS in ex-Napa Valley Cabernet Casks. Oh, hell yes!!

Wait, what?? 12 Years? Seriously? True story!

Tasting Notes:

Holy fuck is this spirit delicious! Soft, sweet nose and the light heat, deep caramel, butterscotch and orange zest palate is viscous and to die for. The finish doesn’t disappoint either! Long and lingering with just a hint of the currant from the Napa Valley wine barrels where it sat for over a decade!

NOT FAKE NEWS: Gail just informed us that our own Warren Codigo traditional Anejo Select Barrel Pick has also arrived in Florida!

We’ll have those very special bottles available to everyone soon!

This delicious dram will be also be featured on our spirit roster as a one or two ounce pour in-house with 750ml bottles to take home!



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