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Our New Baby Has Arrived!

A determined team from Warren traveled to Kentucky this past Fall with the sole purpose of securing some great new barrels from our distiller friends in the Mecca!

I was able to join Brian and Jared as well as two of our esteemed WCC members to the Barton Distillery, makers of 1792, and taste through multiple barrels of their Bottled-in-Bond bourbon.

Tasting blindly from these barrels, all 5 of us emphatically selected one sweet, special barrel whose flavors just jumped out and captured all of our attention! I mean, normally when you taste through barrels there are subtle differences but the separation of this spirit from the others was just un-fucking-believable!!!

And then the wait. For several months we anticipated the arrival of these bottles (a typical barrel will yield us around 200) and I wondered all that time if the spirit I tasted in Bardstown that day was as exceptional as I remembered!

Well the wait is now over, the bottles have arrived at Warren and I am happy to report that our new “baby” is as beautiful as we all remembered! The very light heat on the front end dissipates quickly into an enormous exhibition of classic bourbon flavors: vanilla, caramel, butterscotch, toffee. oak and cinnamon! To top it off, this Warren Barrel pick has one of the longest finishes I think I’ve ever tasted for a 100 proof whiskey ever! Unbelievable!

We hope you will try some at your next visit to Warren. Even better, why not purchase your own bottle from our retail store!? That’s right! A limited number of these very special bottles are still available for purchase!

I look forward to seeing you all soon at Warren and at the tasting bar! This month we’re featuring some of my favorite “under the radar” whiskies from Willamette Valley; Woodinville bourbon, rye and port finished bourbon. These three delicious drams are being featured in this month’s special flight for just $22! You gotta try this stuff!

Next Wednesday I will update everyone on our other soon to be arriving barrel picks from Buffalo Trace, Peerless and Four Roses!!

Yes! We can’t have enough bourbon barrel picks!!!

It’s what we do!!



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