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Warren American Whiskey Kitchen recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary on June 4th and the train keeps rolling! Time flies but we’re still having more fun than any restaurant in South Florida and our always amazing kitchen keeps dazzling with innovation and delicious new dishes!

I still get asked often if the Warren Tasting Bar is for VIP or Warren Club members only. The fact is all guests are welcome to reserve the Warren Bar for a most unique dining and tasting experience! The best part? There is no minimum and no special fee to enjoy this unique bar. There are two seatings nightly: 6pm & 8:15pm. To reserve your seats simply call the front desk @ 561-455-4177! It’s simple, free and easy and you’ll be glad you did!

Warren features over 1000 whiskies which is the most in the state of Florida. A big part of what we do is travel to Kentucky and around the USA to bring back what we believe is the best whiskey you will find anywhere! Ask your server to see our list of Damn Good Hospitality (Yes, that is our company’s name!) Private Barrel Picks!





Did you know that in 1964 our United States Congress passed a law to be known as the Bourbon Act?!

It basically declared that bourbon is America’s gift to the world and truly our very own, native spirit!

In addition, it set down clear mandates for what a bourbon must be:

*Distilled from a mash bill of at least 51% of our native grain: Corn!

*Aged in new, flamed charred American Oak only!

*Made in the United States of America only! (But can also be made in Puerto Rico and Guam! Bet you didn’t know that!).

*Must be distilled at no higher than 160 Proof, enter the barrel no higher than 125 Proof and bottled at no less than 80 Proof!

While the whole brown spirits world is enjoying an amazing revival and perhaps its most popular period in history, Bourbon leads the way as the most popular whiskey in the world!

Yes, Bourbon is truly King right now!

And today we celebrate!




Whiskey 101 sold out! Announcing our next class: Bourbon 201 on Saturday, February 18!

Happy New Year, All!

I took a break from the blog but back now every Wednesday!

This past Saturday the Warren Whiskey Library was filled with over 40 people in attendance for our first brown spirits seminar: Whiskey 101!

The event was sold out and we were able to talk about and enjoy five different types of whiskies: bourbon, rye, Irish, Scotch and Japanese!

The class lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes and I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I had discussing our favorite brown spirits with so many fun, interesting and inquisitive new whiskey fans! So many great questions. Thank you to everyone that attended. That really was a blast!

For this class we discussed the basics of whiskey and hopefully explained the age old “All bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon!” My hope is that everyone felt a little better understanding about what makes each of these five whiskies unique and the most popular in the world!

Our next class is scheduled for Saturday, February 18 @ 3pm. We will be taking discussion and tasting of our American native spirit to the next level for this Warren Bourbon 201 special seminar and event!

Please call our front desk at 561-455-4177 for more details and to reserve your seats!




The Holidays Are Here And That Means Plenty Of Nice Presents!

This time of year we’re all trying to be in “good spirits” and perhaps the best way to do that is drinking plenty of “good spirits!” Lol.

This is the latest “honey” barrel selected by the Damn Good Hospitality tasting team.

It also means lots of presents and our next holiday treat to arrive this Friday is our newest barrel from Bowman Distillery in Virginia!

When we first tasted this barrel we knew we were on to something exceptional and real special and now the bottles are on their way!!

We expect to have several cases of these very special “honey” bottles by the weekend and can’t wait to share a taste with you!!

We’ve been good and hoping that Santa also brings new bottles of Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, Weller Antique 107, Stagg and a very unique creation from Maker’s Mark that we blended ourselves!

Enjoy the season!!



Take A Little Warren Spirits Home for the Holidays!

Hey, everyone! We are batching up some of our famous Buffalo Trace Old Fashioneds for our friends to take home with them to enjoy some top level libations during the holidays!

Our famous in-house Buffalo Trace OFs made by your Spiritual Advisor!

Simply e-mail Wayne at the above address to place an order!




A Raucous Birthday Celebration for Uncle Warren!

Last Wednesday, November 2, we celebrated the birthday of the man whose passion for life’s best inspired our restaurant; the late Warren John!

Warren John. 1948-2014.

Warren is not only our namesake but the Uncle to Jeff and Jared John and taught both so much about fine wine, great spirits and fine dining! It’s because of this inspiration that the boys thought it was fitting to name our establishment after him!

Packed house for Warren’s birthday bash!

The turnout for Warren’s birthday celebration was tremendous and the energy all around would be something we’re sure Uncle Warren, who passed away too soon eight years ago, would be happy and proud about!

Amongst the celebration in the packed house was entertainers on stilts, a live DJ, magician and several other entertainers roaming the room. There truly was something happening all night and our friends and guests were all in tremendous spirits.

Happy birthday again, Uncle Warren!

The Warren Team celebrating our namesake on an amazing night!

It truly was an amazing and special night and thanks for the continued inspiration!!



Coming Full Circle with Maker’s Mark and Star Hill Farms!

In early 2009, I sold my business in Delray and moved to Kansas City, Missouri to be closer to family. My first job there was with a prominent restaurant and nightclub developer called ECI. They had just recently partnered with Maker’s Mark Distillery to open 3 bourbon themed steak houses in KC, Louisville and Indianapolis.

I got the job as bar manager in the downtown KC Live venue!!

That’s great but my bourbon and overall whiskey knowledge needed a serious upgrade. The day after I was hired I went to a place called “Half Priced Books” and bought every book on whiskey they had! I went through our menu of over 200 whiskies and attempted to learn about each one. And so my studies and work as a student of brown whiskey began!

Over the last 13 years I have been to Kentucky multiple times, taught whiskey classes at multiple restaurants and most recently was given the opportunity to curate the nearly 1000 whiskies at Warren American Whiskey Kitchen! It’s been a fun and rewarding whiskey ride to get here!

Yesterday at Warren, members of our Damn Good Hospitality team were able to meet with Maker’s amazing brand ambassador, Deniro, and create our very own barrel blend using five different cask strength expressions. Each barrel sample had been flavored with different types of wood staves for their own unique flavor profile. Creating a blend from these 5 (we only wound using 4!) was a blast! Our team (including Brian, Jeff and Whiskey Bob) made three different blends and the middle one, created by our beverage director, JP, and yours truly was selected as the one we’re going with!

The 53 gallon barrel of this blend will yield us appoximately 200 bottles of this unique whisky and be available to our members and guests around late January! It combines the toasted French spice barrel (60%), the MM traditional 46 (20%), the seared French Cuvee barrel (10%) and a barrel simply known as P2. (10%). The result is a full-bodied blend that comes at you rich and deep with notes of orange zest, caramel, dried fruits, baking spice, clove, creme brule, brown sugar and of course, plenty of vanilla.

From the nose to the finish this special barrel will deliver. It really has everything: a vibrant, rich, floral nose, a viscous and complex mouth feel and a long lasting, delicious finish that lingers on.

Having started my whisky journey and career with Maker’s Mark makes this opportunity to create our own blend of their legendary bourbon even more rewarding and special. I’ve finally come full circle with this brand!

And I can’t wait to break these new bottles out to kick off 2023!!!




From the Father of Modern Bourbon to Castle & Key

Our Warren Team getting a sneak peak and private tour at Castle & Key!

Colonel Edmond Hayes Taylor (he was not actually a colonel btw) is often awarded the above title for his many contributions to the bourbon industry and of course, being the champion of the still relevant “Bottled-In-Bond Act” of 1897. That bit of legislation was truly the first and still most effective at beginning to clean up what was then the Wild West of whiskey.

But one of the coolest things I’ve discovered about “the Colonel” is the Old Taylor he distillery he built after selling the O.F.C distillery he opened to the one and only George T. Stagg. (Stagg renamed the distillery after himself. You might know it now by it’s current name: The Buffalo Trace Distillery!!)

The Old Taylor Distillery was like nothing else operating at the time. Not only were the grounds meticulously maintained but there was actually a castle, a sunken garden and a classical springhouse. Most significantly, the grounds were open to the public and Colonel Taylor reveled in showing off his new place as well as welcoming the public to watch how whiskey was made!

This was highly unusual during this period in American whiskey history. It truly was the original modern distillery tour; something we all take for granted now!! Sadly, after Prohibition, the property changed hands several times and fell into ruin.

In 2012, a whiskey loving entrepreneur named Will Arvin had the idea to renovate and recreate this historic place. Along with his partner, Wes Murray, the two set out to replicate and pay homage to the original distillery and have now created a magical place that has become the envy of all distillery tours!

Our team was there recently and were asked in for a tour even though the distillery was closed that day. (Thanks Whiskey Bob Howell!)

And the most exciting thing? C & K just released their first whiskey this Summer: Small Batch Bourbon and their Restoration Rye. While young (4 and 3.5 years respectively) are incredible for their age and have already become two of my favorite releases of 2022. (If their young juice is this good, I can’t wait to try their 6, 8 and 10 year whiskey!)

Come by Warren and I’ll tell you more about this amazing facility and incredible juice!

Mention this Blog and I might even offer you a free taste!




A Warren Visit From Mr. Bottled-In-Bond!

People often ask me if brown spirits were so dead for so long then what happened to bring them to the point where they are now? (and that point is probably their peak of popularity all-time!)

There is no one simple answer to that but more likely a confluence of pop culture connections and more important: people whose passion have pushed brown spirits back to the forefront this past decade plus.

Bernie Lubbers is one of those people.

As the International Brand Ambassador for Heaven Hill Distillery, Bernie has almost single handedly revived the bottled-in-bond category. A quick refresher: bottled-in-bond was an act by our federal government in 1897 to finally offer some regulation to what was then the wild West of whiskey.

At the time, Colonel E.H. Taylor, often called the father of modern bourbon, called on his friends in the federal government (he was related to Presidents Zach Taylor and James Madison) to come in and offer regulation to any distilleries willing to subject themselves to inspection and a higher standard. The colonel had grown weary of moonshining competitors who were literally making people sick with their substandard, often dangerous whiskey filled with all kinds of filler (read; crap).

The Act was an immediate success as people knew these new offerings labeled “Bottled-In-Bond” were of higher quality, but more important, safe to drink! They keep feel safe knowing they would not get sick. Or die!

While Buffalo Trace and their E.H. Taylor line are often considered the elite B-I-B, it is actually Heaven Hill Distillery that has embraced it the most and offer the most different labels featuring this designation.

Bernie Lubbers is the main reason for that.

Bernie has toured the country (and the world) as the champion of B-I-B and has actually written a book (Google his name and you will find a link to Amazon for purchase) about why it still so important today. The simple answer to that: with the proliferation of new distilleries everywhere, any one of these that subjects their product to the B-I-B regulation has demonstrated the willingness to put out a safe, superior product!

We were fortunate enough to have Bernie in for a Warren staff training recently and I was able to sit and pick his brain for about an hour beforehand. Trust me, his passion for brown spirits is never waning and according to leady industry expert Fred Minnick: “Bernie Lubbers has almost singlehandedly kept the B-I-B relevant and thriving!”

Thank you, Bernie! Keep on Bottle in Bonding!




September is National Bourbon Heritage Month!!

Bourbon holds a special place in American history. It truly is our national spirit.

Dating back to the days of Elijah Craig and even before, it truly has been intertwined in our culture, people and heritage.

Even the United States Congress passed a law in 1964 called the Bourbon Act that emphatically state bourbon is one of America’s greatest gifts to the world! Not only that, to be officially declared a bourbon, there are more mandates and rules than just about any brown spirit on the planet! (Take that, Scotland!)

Every September we celebrate this beautiful beverage and there is probably no better place to do so in the Southeastern United States than right here in Delray Beach, Florida at Warren. American. Whiskey. Kitchen!!

Of our over 1000 whiskies almost 600 are bourbons! There is a reason for that; bourbon is without a doubt the hottest brown spirit on the planet. It has never been more popular around the globe than at any time in it’s 250+ year history and distilleries are popping up in every state creating new and exciting expressions!

If you’re brand new to bourbon or already a huge bourbon fan, there is no better place to explore and experience our country’s national beverage than right here at our beautiful restaurant.

Come to Warren and let our knowledgeable staff help introduce you to the most delicious and amazing selection of bourbon and hopefully you’ll walk out happy with some new favorites and appreciation of this amazing spirit!



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