Getting The Word Out On The Unique Warren Bar And Whiskey Library. And The Food!! - Warren Delray

Getting The Word Out On The Unique Warren Bar And Whiskey Library. And The Food!!

There might not be a more unique dining experience in South Florida than getting to sit at the special four seat tasting bar in the beautiful Warren Whiskey Library. With over 1000 whiskies there is always something for everyone’s liking and taste!

But the main rule at the Warren Bar is that there are no rules! You and your guests are free to enjoy any of our craft cocktails, fine wines or many delicious tequilas or other spirits!

The main objective when the library and tasting bar were built was to create a unique “experience” for our guests with it being more than just your normal night out to dinner. Mission accomplished!

In our short two and a half years since Warren was opened, literally hundreds of people have sat in those beautiful, most comfortable red leather chairs and experienced an introduction to our most incredible collection of brown spirits!

There is currently no minimum, no fee and no rules to booking your chairs and experiencing the Warren Bar. The idea is to come in and enjoy this amazing environment that is like no other in South Florida.

And if you’ve never dined at Warren then you’re in for a cuisine experience that may just surprise you. It’s that good!! While the whiskey library and collection has garnered much of the attention our kitchen is putting out some of the most amazing food of any restaurant in our area. (Or anywhere!).

It’s that 1-2 punch of incredible spirits and fantastic cuisine that has really put our restaurant on the map. And not just in South Florida. google “Best Whiskey Restaurant in America” and see what comes up!

Stay tuned as I’ve been diligently working on a new logo, YouTube channel and other fun things to get the word out on the Warren Bar Experiece!



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