WhistlePig Continues to Soar and Elevate The Rye Category! - Warren Delray

WhistlePig Continues to Soar and Elevate The Rye Category!

With the arrival of the new Boss Hog X, WhistlePig of Vermont continues to ascend and make that 100% rye mash bill all the rage. This hot, new release is barrel strength and double finished in two most unusual casks: the first barrel is seasoned with their own experimental spirit, a combination of rye and whey. The second barrel is a craft mead cask. The result? An amazing combination of creme brulee, lemongrass, red berry and black pepper flavors. The reviews are in and this newest Boss Hog is killing it!

This past Summer saw them continue to innovate with the release of SummerStock, a toasted barrel and Solera aged spirit with a mashbill of 90% rye and 10% wheat! I’m not kidding, this might be the most delicious spirit I’ve ever tasted from them!

The Smokestock, Roadstock, Farmstock, Old World 12, 15 & 18 year are just a few of the many expressions we feature at Warren. Including our very own WhistlePig Old World “Bespoke.” For this amazing, complex and delicious dram our own Brian Freed and yours truly selected the exact proportion of port, French oak and Madeira casks used in the finishing.

And don’t forget the amazing 21 year North American Single Malt!

Come in and try some soon. They really are outdoing themselves.



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