The New Angel's Envy Barrel Pick: A True Team Effort! - Warren Delray

The New Angel’s Envy Barrel Pick: A True Team Effort!

The latest and greatest Damn Good Hospitality barrel pick has arrived and it might be the most unique yet!

Angel’s Envy sent us an actual kit where we received samples from three of their best barrels. Our mission as a team was to then cut them down (we would have loved to just buy the cask strength on all three of them! Lol) with a water dropper kit included with the samples, taste, and then make a decision as a team as to the most delicious end product!

The winner!?! An Angel’s Envy barrel pick that comes to us and you at a neat 110 proof! I think their straight bourbon is delicious but at 86 proof can sometimes leave a little bit to be desired. Sometimes. Depends on the mood.

I think at 110 we found the absolute perfect “sweet spot” and this bottle gives you all the Angel’s Envy caramel, vanilla and spice except with a lot more robustness and full flavor. I think even our guests and bourbon lovers who don’t care much for AE are going to change their tune when they taste this one!

The bottles are in and so are we! Can’t wait to share this latest pick with all of our bourbon loving friends! It is near perfection!

Also, these just in: St. Augustine Port Finished Straight Bourbon, Castle & Key Small Batch Bourbon and their new Restoration Rye!

Lots to share! See you all soon!



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