It's All About The Food!! - Warren Delray

It’s All About The Food!!

I worked at a restaurant in Delray called 32east and many considered it the finest cuisine in South Florida. Our Chef, Nick Morfogen, was nominated multiple times for the James Beard award, changed the menu daily and it was probably one of the best restaurants I’ve ever worked or eaten in. (That includes my nearly 10 years in Manhattan!). In short, I’m spoiled!!

While the whiskey at Warren, over 1000 different bottles and most in the state of Florida, obviously drew much of the attention when we opened, we quickly learned that our kitchen was more than up to the task of creating a meu that was up to the task of complementing the daunting brown spirits collection!

Simply put, the food our kitchen has produced has been nothing short of amazing. The response from our guests has been incredible and I can’t say enough about what an amazing and consistent job our kitchen has done. This is especially impressive when you consider we opened while still under the veil of Covid and staffing was extremely difficult, to say the least!

I wanted to use this week’s Blog to recognize our opening Chef, Jen Knox, and the job she and Chef Lou did to get us open! Superwoman! Chef Nicole deserves a nod for coming in during a difficult time and keeping things humming. Cheers to two very talented and dedicated artists!

The transition from Chef Jen to the very talented Chef Richie has been near seamless and Richie has been pushing the envelope even further with some incredibly thought-out dishes! Andrew and Matt have solidified the team and our kitchen continues to rumble through the Summer.

Excited to see what comes next! Cheers to our BOH!!


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