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Back from Kentucky and now on to Virginia!

Brian, Jeff and I along with two of our esteemed WCC members (Wendi and Tom!) recently returned to Kentucky where we were able to secure yet another beautiful barrel of bourbon for our Warren faithful at Limestone Branch Distillery, makers of Yellowstone! What a unique, beautiful and intimate facility! (Their tour guide, Steve Fontaye, is hysterical, knowledgeable and worth the price of admission all by himself! Lol).

While we were in Kentucky we were also fortunate enough to sit with Corky Taylor, CEO and founder of Peerless Distillery! It turns out Corky has South Florida roots and lives part of the year near Naples, home of our next restaurant! Looks like we’ll be seeing this most gracious and talented new friend often at our new place!

Corky was kind enough to share some of his special Kentucky only 6 year straight rye! Wow. Some of the best we’ve ever tasted!

Before we left we were fortunate enough to be invited to lunch by none other than Drew Kulsveen, Master Distiller at Willet! After an amazing meal Drew took us around the distillery to show us some of the latest upgrades and improvements at the site! Looks like Willet is building and investing in a bold and very bright future!

Next up? Wayne, JP, Brian and Jeff are off to Virginia to taste and select a barrel from John J. Bowman! If you’ve never tried any of the Bowmans, you need to find some quick! We all agree they are some of the absolute best whiskies being made outside of Kentucky. Or anywhere!!

The Bowman barrel will be the only private barrel pick in the entire of state of Florida! Can’t wait to get a hold of that special juice! Pick well, boys!

I’m headed off to Atlanta to DJ my niece’s wedding but I’ll be back next week to host you at the Warren Bar and update everyone on the latest happenings including our 1 Year Anniversary celebration plans!

Yes, June 4 marks one year since we opened! What a wild, awesome, incredible and fun ride these past twelve months have been. Thank you to all our WCC members and loyal guests for making Warren the best damn restaurant in Delray!!



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