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Fantastic Finishes!

It could be a cognac cask, sherry butt, an old wine barrel, a rum cask or even an old stout barrel! But the hot trend today is definitely “resting” a “finished” spirit in secondary wood to round it out, deepen the flavors and create something exceptional!

Angel’s Envy was on the front end of this trend when they came out of the gate in 2007 with their first releases of bourbon and rye! Port barrels and Caribbean Rum casks were used respectively and caused a bit of a stir initially.

Bourbon purists, citing the Bourbon Act passed by the United States Congress in 1964, seemed to mandate that only new, flame charred American Oak could be used and nothing else! By then placing it afterwards in a second port barrel, they argued, the Angel’s Envy was then disqualified as a true bourbon!

Well cooler heads prevailed and a compromise was reached! The agreement? As long as the secondary barrel (or finishing wood) was clearly stated on the front of the bottle then it would be accepted!

And now? All the cool kids are doing it!!

Look at just about every distillery and they will offer a whiskey with a secondary finish. Some notables? Bardstown Bourbon in Ferrand Cognac casks, Lagavulin Islay Scotch rested in old Guiness barrels or simply a Woodford Double Oaked where the original Woodford Reserve is rested in a second, radiant heated or toasted oak barrel.

The results have been largely amazing and created a whole new line of exceptional spirits for whiskey lovers to enjoy. At Warren, you will literally find dozens and dozens of great secondary finished whiskies.

Book at seat at the Warren Tasting Bar anytime and I’ll tell you (and taste you) all about them!



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