Reserving A Spot at the Warren Bar is Free and Easy! - Warren Delray

Reserving A Spot at the Warren Bar is Free and Easy!

I’m still frequently asked if you need reservations for the Warren Bar or people have the perception that there is some sort of crazy minimum spend for the experience. The answer is NO and NO! Lol.

Seminar for Bourbon & Bacon Fest VIPs at the Warren Bar!

The Warren Tasting Bar in the whiskey library is designed for people who would love to enjoy shareable plates, have dinner and/or experience and try some of the over 1000 whiskies we have collected.

Not everyone who sits at the tasting bar necessarily drinks whiskey, however, I’ve been able to turn people who proclaimed they “hate” whiskey into brown spirit enthusiasts who simply had the wrong perception. (Probably because they’d only had a sharp rye or peaty scotch and that is all they think whiskey is! – Or did whiskey shots in college and have some bad hangover memories! LOL)

My job is to create more than a dinner but rather an experience where people can sample several 1oz. pours of different brown spirits and hopefully leave with some new favorites they may not have known about. Even better, I like to turn people on to reasonably priced whiskies that they can likely find at their favorite liquor store! (Not a simple task with demand what it is these days!)

To book a seat at the tasting bar simply text me direct or call the front desk. There are two seatings nightly, seven days a week, at 6 and 8:15pm. Grab a few friends and reserve all four!

If I’m not hosting, our very passionate, knowledgeable and able assistant spiritual advisor, Jason Fisher, will ensure you have fun and an interesting experience!

John Fitz: 561-777-4848

Don’t wait to try one of the most unique dining and tasting experiences in South Florida!


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