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So Now We Know Jack!

Last week Wayne and I were joined by our friends and team at Brown-Forman for a class (entitled: You Don”t Know Jack!) in the Warren Whiskey Library on an iconic whiskey and whiskey maker: Jack Daniels.

Like many “classic” whiskey producers (Wild Turkey and Jim Beam come to mind) this American legend often suffers from the perception of being “bottom shelf” or your daddy or grandaddy’s drink of choice.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For all of them! But for Jack Daniels, their innovation and creativity with new products the last 5-10 years has been nothing short of remarkable. And extremely well received.

For the class we discussed the amazing stories, legend and new products from this iconic Lynchburg, Tennessee distillery. Christian and Robert from Brown-Forman also shared some insight into their methods and thought process moving into the future. Amazing stuff!

We tasted and discussed SEVEN different expressions; Jack Black, Triple-Mash, Bonded, The Sinatra Select as well as the much coveted Jack 10 and 12 Year! What an amazing afternoon of fun, insight, great stories and incredibly delicious brown spirits!

Our next class in the Warren Library will be on Saturday, August 26 at 3pm as we will attempt to help demystify all things Scotch. Feel free to reach out to me personally for details and ticket information. (John Fitz @ 561-777-4848.)



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