From the Father of Modern Bourbon to Castle & Key - Warren Delray

From the Father of Modern Bourbon to Castle & Key

Our Warren Team getting a sneak peak and private tour at Castle & Key!

Colonel Edmond Hayes Taylor (he was not actually a colonel btw) is often awarded the above title for his many contributions to the bourbon industry and of course, being the champion of the still relevant “Bottled-In-Bond Act” of 1897. That bit of legislation was truly the first and still most effective at beginning to clean up what was then the Wild West of whiskey.

But one of the coolest things I’ve discovered about “the Colonel” is the Old Taylor he distillery he built after selling the O.F.C distillery he opened to the one and only George T. Stagg. (Stagg renamed the distillery after himself. You might know it now by it’s current name: The Buffalo Trace Distillery!!)

The Old Taylor Distillery was like nothing else operating at the time. Not only were the grounds meticulously maintained but there was actually a castle, a sunken garden and a classical springhouse. Most significantly, the grounds were open to the public and Colonel Taylor reveled in showing off his new place as well as welcoming the public to watch how whiskey was made!

This was highly unusual during this period in American whiskey history. It truly was the original modern distillery tour; something we all take for granted now!! Sadly, after Prohibition, the property changed hands several times and fell into ruin.

In 2012, a whiskey loving entrepreneur named Will Arvin had the idea to renovate and recreate this historic place. Along with his partner, Wes Murray, the two set out to replicate and pay homage to the original distillery and have now created a magical place that has become the envy of all distillery tours!

Our team was there recently and were asked in for a tour even though the distillery was closed that day. (Thanks Whiskey Bob Howell!)

And the most exciting thing? C & K just released their first whiskey this Summer: Small Batch Bourbon and their Restoration Rye. While young (4 and 3.5 years respectively) are incredible for their age and have already become two of my favorite releases of 2022. (If their young juice is this good, I can’t wait to try their 6, 8 and 10 year whiskey!)

Come by Warren and I’ll tell you more about this amazing facility and incredible juice!

Mention this Blog and I might even offer you a free taste!



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