What If?

Fellow whiskey lovers! We are living in perhaps the most epic time in the history of brown spirits!

Distillers across the globe have embraced a “what if?” mentality. As in; thinking outside of the box and trying all kinds of different ideas to develop something new, exciting and awesome!

Even the “old guard” have been experimenting with some of the most amazing mash bills, finishes, blends and new ideas ever seen in the history of whiskey making!

I remember 15-20 years ago when High West came on the scene and started playing around with multiple barrel blends. They may now be considered one of the original “deviant” whiskey producers! Angel’s Envy created a bit of a stir when they finished their bourbon and rye with port barrels and rum casks respectively. Now you’ll find virtually every producer “resting” their spirit in a secondary barrel!

Jefferson’s “Oceans” and WhistlePig “Roadstock” have taken things to another level of “What If?” And yes, I thought both were a little bit gimmicky at first but also yes, they are both awesome whiskies!

While not every experiment is a success, it’s exciting to see what our favorite whiskey makers will come up with next. Seems like every day I’m reading about a new brown spirit, shaking my head and saying to myself; “wait, what!!?? LOL. In a really good way!!

Book your seats at the Warren Bar and let me take you on a journey of some of my favorite deviants! It’s easier than ever to discover delicious new drams and some amazing new favorites!

What an exciting time to be a whiskey lover!



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