So What’s The Deal With The Warren Bar?

I’m asked almost every night how to get a seat at the Warren Bar!

While the Warren Cocktail Club members always get first dibs on those seats we still have openings during the week to invite our friends and guests to sit there, have dinner and/or shareables and let me explore our nearly 1000 whiskies with our friends and guests!

Not everyone likes whiskey. Or at least they think they don’t. But I have whiskey for people who feel that way. And half the time, as your “spiritual advisor,” I am able to “convert” those non-believers and get them exploring a second taste and sometimes even a third! It’s one of the many things I love about my job!!

If I try a non-whiskey drinker on what I believe to be one of the smoothest, easiest drinking whiskies I know and they take a sip and still make a face like a kid drinking cough medicine, I will simply say; “ok, thanks for playing, let’s get you your glass of Santa Margharita! LOL! But I always appreciate people trying!!

To book a seat at the Warren Bar simply text me at: 561-777-4848. Or call the restaurant at 561-455-4177. This coming week is booked solid but I do seatings nightly from Tuesday through Saturday and there are openings next week. First seating is at 6pm and the late seating starts at 8:15pm!

I look forward to hosting you and the most important thing we can do is have fun and enjoy the experience of exploring this incredible collection of whiskey together!! And if you’ve not tried our cuisine you’re in for an amazing surprise! Our chefs, Jen and Luis, are killing it!!



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