Meet John Fitz

Hello fellow brown spirit lovers! This is John Fitz signing on to our first Warren’s American Whiskey Kitchen blog!

A little introduction: While I have been redirecting dispositions (bartending) since the late 90’s in Manhattan, it wasn’t until 2009 when I was tasked to manage the bar at Maker’s Mark Bourbon House in downtown Kansas City (along with their 150-bottle whiskey list) that I became obsessed with making sure I always had the answer to all my friends’ and guest’s whiskey queries.

My obsession paid off, and now, in 2021, I have been given the honor and opportunity to curate the nearly 1000 bottle whiskey collection at the shiny, new Warren American Whiskey Kitchen in West Delray Beach! I think it’s safe to say 150 bottles seems like a starter kit to me now!

A row of Damn Good Hospitality Barrel Pick Bourbons
Damn Good Barrel Picks from Warren

Friends, I am blown away with the arsenal of whisk(e)y I am now armed with at this beautiful new shrine to brown spirits. I’m hustling hard to ingest all of the info that I can on those obscure bottles that I’m a little less familiar with (or never even heard of), because let’s be real here – seems like there’s ten new distilleries opening every day! I’m so excited to give you a taste of both new and old spirits, and don’t worry, my goal is to gauge your taste so that I can make sure you’re enjoying and not wasting time or money.

The world of whiskey is exploding! Sometimes when you walk into a venue with a large wine list or spirit collection it can be a little overwhelming. I’m here, along with our entire whiskey-savvy staff at Warren, to help you navigate through this maze of new and old spirits. This isn’t just our job, it’s our passion, and we all feel so lucky to make a living this way!

Please think of me (and the rest of us here at Warren) as your new spiritual advisors.

Check back Monday for our exciting daily blog updates on the latest barrels and bottles we’ve procured. We can’t wait to share the entire list with all of our whisk(e)y loving friends in South Florida! And the food? You won’t taste any better!

See you soon!

A Bourbon Old Fashioned in an Old Fashioned Glass next to a clear ice cube