Whiskey at Warren

The world of whiskey is expansive and complex (so much so that its spelling differs depending on where you’re sipping), yet it’s all at your fingertips inside Warren. From single-barrel bourbons and rare bottled scotches to limited-edition golden juices, there’s a bounty of spirits stacked throughout the dining room to ogle, savor and take home: Warren’s impressive collection is made up of 900 rare bottles, which double as decor and are available for purchase to enjoy at home. The international assemblage spans the continents with whiskeys from India, Japan, Scotland, United States, and beyond. We’ve also doubled down on the best bourbon made at home with single barrels of only the top juice from America’s great distilleries. Think Buffalo Trace in Frankfort and Wild Turkey and Four Roses in Lawrenceburg, to name a few. Our tequilas get the same special treatment, aging in repurposed single barrels of bourbon that we ship off to Mexico to be returned filled with sweet, smokey reposados and añejos. 

We’ve been collecting spirits for more than a decade and we like to share, and part of that is making our space a place for meeting, hanging out and building community. There just so happens to be an incredible beverage program luring you to our tables. Hold court in a booth, sampling a 50-year-old Macallan single-malt (so exquisite only 35 units were sent to the U.S., and we got our hands on one) or pull up a seat on the outdoor terrace to enjoy a glass of Buffalo Trace surrounded by good friends and great food. (Buffalo Trace is the well here, ‘cause that’s how we do it at Warren.) The menu’s shareable section is extensive for a reason: Every sipper needs a chaser, whether it’s a serving of thick-cut bacon, a side of lobster mac or a whole dry-aged tomahawk steak to split with the crew. 

Fans of the distilled malted grain as well as curious drinkers looking to absorb a little knowledge can sidle up to the four-seater bar for a whiskey journey like no other. Manned by Warren’s expert steward, the curated tastings run the gamut from new and exciting to vintage and provocative. You’ll swish and swirl in good company, christening your palate and discovering new flavors with guidance from a veteran. At Warren, there’s no such thing as drinking alone.