Chef’s Table - Warren Delray

Chef’s Table

Welcome to the one moment in your day when you don’t have to make a decision. Warren has dinner handled with a special, 12-person chef’s table where all you have to do is show up and enjoy. The multi-course, prix-fixe experience takes place smack dab in the center of the restaurant and features the menu’s top dishes, plus a few surprises we can’t give away until you’ve taken your seat. Feeling a little extra? Tap our resident spirits expert for a pairing of your choice—from whiskey and tequila to wine, it’s there for the tasting and we’ll make sure it makes your meal even better.

Thirsty? Wet your whistle at the dining room’s private whiskey bar, offering curated tastings of Warren’s unmatched collection of rare bottles and barrels hand-picked right from the bourbon heartland in Kentucky. We call these the last-drop selections because once the good juice runs out, it’s gone for good. Do yourself a favor and tap one of our stewards for a sample of these extraordinary varieties while you still can.

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